Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022

What a week! In the end, nobody in the Chapman house had covid symptoms, we all tested negative, and Elizabeth returned to daycare this morning. Especially knowing how many other people in Rochester—and at St. Luke’s!—have caught it, I feel like we dodged a bullet. I know the covid symptoms for vaccinated folks and little kids are likely to be relatively mild and still, all things considered, I’d rather not catch it.

Thank you for all of your kind notes, support, and understanding! I’m really grateful to be surrounded by such a caring and supportive community. It was weird to miss church on Sunday. Especially so given our conversation after church on Sunday, May 1, we talked just the week before about how we seem to be entering a new, less-disruptive phase of the pandemic. I’m especially grateful for your understanding of our cancellations. It was strange to do so now knowing that none of us caught it, but it didn’t seem like a risk worth taking when the decision had to be made and I’m grateful for the affirmation.

I wish I had some great spiritual insight for you this week, but I don’t. Swapping child care with Katie for the last ten days (really challenging!) while trying to keep my head above water at work (even more challenging!) left me with more to-dos than insights. Here’s hoping next week is much more normal!

However your week is going, whatever’s in store for you this weekend, whatever challenges you’re facing, I hope you’ll make space to take a deep breath, find one thing you’re grateful for, and offer it up to God (bonus points if you also let someone else know how grateful you are for them or for what they’ve done).

This afternoon, I’m giving thanks for St. Luke’s and for each of you.



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